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Gary Brustin is as experienced as any lawyer in the country when it comes to handling legal issues for cyclists.

Additionally, Mr. Brustin gives bicycling safety presentations to groups across the state. Through all of his experience he has found 10 common accident situations which he highlights in his speeches. Below is a list of each and how to best avoid them.

10 Most Common Situations for Causing Bicycle Accidents

Left Turning Vehicle at an Intersection:
Double check vehicles from the opposite direction as you enter the intersection.

Left Turning Vehicle Through a Gap in Traffic:
Slow when you approach a gap and be ready for a car shooting through the opening.

Right Turning Vehicle Traveling Ahead of a Cyclist:
Do not rely on the vehicle’s turn signal. Most motorists seldom use them anymore. Instead, watch the direction of the motorist’s front right side wheel as it reaches the intersection.

Right Turning Vehicle Overtaking a Cyclist:
Be ready to brake quickly if the car moves right.

Doored on the Driver’s Side:
Try to stay out of the “door zone.”

Doored on the Passenger’s Side:
Be observant of an occupant who might fling a door open to exit a vehicle which has stopped in the right lane but not next to the curb. One example is a cab passenger.

Rear-Ended by a Vehicle When a Cyclist Merges Across Lanes to Execute a Left Turn:
Always double check for high speed traffic approaching from behind you. If there is any doubt at all, do not make the merge.

Side-swiped by a Passing Vehicle:
Try to ride slightly further to the right side of the street when you are proceeding on high speed road or expressways.

Rear-Ended by a Passing Vehicle:
Although you have the right to ride on almost every road, try to limit your rides to roads where the differential in speed between your bike and passing vehicles is no more than fifteen to twenty miles per hour.

Dog attack:
Do not try to out run the dog. Instead, slow down or stop. As a general rule the dog is chasing the “bright shiny fast moving object.” In other words, your bike, not you.

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