Police Investigate Harassment after Bicyclist Video Goes Viral

A video posted on YouTube shows a pair of bicyclists in Colorado being harassed and honked at incessantly by an SUV driver. The video has gone viral, and has focused attention on the kind of harassment and abuse that bicyclists very often face.

In the video, the 2 bicyclists are seen riding their bicycles at the side of the road, leaving plenty of space for the large SUV to pass through. However, the SUV driver has other plans. He insists on driving slowly behind the bicyclists, honking nonstop, with his intention clearly being to provoke the bicyclists, distract them and possibly even injure them. That the bicyclists do not rise to the bait and are not provoked is a testament to their sense of responsibility.

The 2 bicyclists continued to ride minding their own business, but one of them took footage of the motorist’s harassment on his cell phone. He posted the footage on YouTube, and now, police officers are investigating the incident.

California bicycle attorneys say that this entire incident has raised more attention to the problem that many bicyclists face around the country, and especially in the state of California. Hostility between motorists and bicyclists is nothing new, and any bicyclist will tell you that harassment, abuse, taunts, and yelling are part of life on the road for a bicyclist. In some cases, a bicyclist may have something thrown at him, while in other more dangerous cases, a motorist might decide to drive too close to the bicyclist, possibly running him off the road or throwing him off his bicycle. In both of these cases, a bicyclist is at serious risk of injuries.