New Bicycle Helmet Design Incorporates LED Lights for Greater Visibility

One of the secrets of bicycle safety is to remain as visible to motorists as possible, so that they can avoid colliding with you. An innovative new bicycle design involves a series of LED lights that are incorporated into the bicycle helmet to serve both as a flashlight to the bicyclist, and as a beacon warning motorists about the presence of the bicyclist.

The design is called The Torch, and it includes 5 LED lights in front of the helmet and 5 at the back. These 10 lights deliver a powerful beam of light that is visible to motorists even in the dark. These LED lights have a 130° glow, which enhances light all around, and makes the bicycle more visible to motorists on the road.

The lights on this particular helmet design come in a series of modes, including steady, slow and fast flash, and the lights are powered by a rechargeable battery. Once you charge the battery, you can use it for about 2 hours at full beam, and for about 8 hours if you’re using it in flashing mode. The designers are currently in the process of manufacturing the helmets for public sales, and are taking orders for these.

Obviously, the helmet is likely to be most useful for bicyclists who are out riding at night. Bicycling at night is one of the most dangerous activities, because the chances of a motorist colliding with you are much higher in poor light.

This is an intriguing bicycle helmet design, and California bicycle accident lawyers believe that the helmet could be effective in reducing the likelihood of being involved in an accident at night.