Helmets Just Got Smarter

California bicycle accident lawyers like to keep abreast of the latest technology in bicycle helmet technology, because of the important role that these devices play in reducing the risk of a fatal accident. More advanced innovations are already being seen in the field of motorcycle helmet technology. One new motorcycle helmet prototype includes an HUD display screen, GPS functionality, and rearview camera system that allows the motorcyclist to have a clear view of exactly what is behind him.

The motorcycle helmet is called Scully AR-1, and is designed to provide rearview visibility, GPS functionality, and an HUD display screen that allows a motorcyclist to use GPS functions and other functions without having to remove his hand from the handlebar. According to the designers of the helmet, the rear camera system allows the rider to see whether he or she can change lanes with a single glance.

The helmet is designed to pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth. The helmet was introduced in late 2013, and the company is currently taking pre-orders. Once it hits stores, the price will probably be close to $1,500.

It is being billed as the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet that not only helps protect the motorist in the event of an accident, but also significantly helps reduce the risk of an accident in the first place. After all, head injuries are not the only injuries that motorcyclists suffer – they could be at a high risk of spinal cord injuries, fractures, broken bones and other injuries that a helmet cannot help prevent.

Bicycle helmets have gotten better at protecting bicyclists, but it would be great to see similar enhancements in bicycle technology, because of the high rates of head injuries involving bicyclists too.

Millions in Funding Announced for California “CV Link” Bicycle Corridor

The California Transportation Commission will soon invest millions of dollars in the CV Link, a pedestrian, bicycle, and low-speed vehicle transportation corridor that is expected to stretch for more than 50 miles along the Whitewater River.

The announcement was made by the Coachella Valley Association of Governments. The CV Link is expected to bring many benefits to the region. Out of the several hundred project applications received by the California Department of Transportation, the CV Link is expected to receive the largest monetary grant.

Approximately $10.9 million in funding will be provided by the California Transportation Commission to position this corridor as the forerunner in eco-friendly transportation infrastructure. The initiative is expected to lead to new business development along the transportation corridor. The facility is also expected to attract tourists from around the world. It is also expected to deliver a great economic boost to the Coachella Valley region.

California bicycle accident lawyers encourage projects like these, because they focus on the expansion of walking, bicycling and other alternate means of transportation. Not only does this provide a means to relieve California’s notorious traffic congestion, but it also helps keep bicyclists and pedestrians safer. You can’t do much to promote bicycling and walking, and other alternate means of transportation, if you do not also invest in helping people walk and bicycle safely.

Across the globe, governments have understood that promoting walking and bicycling is vital to local economies. Unfortunately, major cities in California, like Los Angeles, have lagged behind some of the major world cities in their failure to accommodate safety concerns for pedestrians and bicyclists. Hopefully, that trend will change with the further development of the CV Link.

Bipartisan Support for Traumatic Brain Injury Program

While lawmakers in Congress don’t agree on many issues, it has been encouraging for California bicycle accident lawyers to find consensus on important traumatic brain injury legislation.

Traumatic brain injury is a serious public health issue in this country. In June, the House Of Representatives unanimously the Traumatic Brain Injury Reauthorization Act. This is an important piece of legislation that has not received heavy publicity in the media, but is likely to impact public health policy in the United States for several years to come.

This legislation is designed to provide resources to persons who suffer from traumatic brain injury, and also increase investments in education and research on traumatic brain injury, its treatment and prevention. The bill has been approved by the Of Representatives, and will now move on to the Senate. We hope the Senate will also approve the bill.

As many as 2 million Americans in the United States suffer from brain injury, and are currently living with these traumatic injuries. However, much of the public spotlight on these injuries tends to focus on injuries suffered by veterans, especially those returning from combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also important to understand that the ordinary American is much more likely to suffer a brain injury in a slip and fall accident or a bicycle accident than on the battlefield. Every day, Americans suffer brain injuries when they tumble downstairs, play sports like football, or perform everyday tasks.

You can reduce your risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury. Wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle or bicycle. Only wear a helmet that is strong, sturdy, meets federal specifications and is manufactured by a reputed manufacturer. “Fall-proof “ your home especially if you’re a senior citizen.