Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids

Summer season marks peak bicycling season for children. It also means a higher risk of accidents involving your children when they’re bicycling outside. Make sure that your child is properly equipped for riding outside in the summer.

Teach your child the rules of safe bicycling. Make sure that your child is always wearing a properly fitted bicycle helmet, while riding. A bicycle helmet must be well-fitting, and must not be either too tight or too big. If it is too tight, it may prevent the child from wearing the helmet. If it is too loose, it will not do a good job of protecting the skull during impact in an accident.

Make sure that your child’s bicycle also fits properly. When your child stands over the bicycle straddling it, there should be at least a 2-inch gap between him and the top tube.

It’s important for children to be seen when they are riding, and that can’t be done when there is poor visibility. Don’t allow your child to ride outside at night. Avoid white clothing while riding outside. Wearing white doesn’t make you more visible. Make your child wear brightly-colored fluorescent clothes instead.

Teach your child to look out for hazards on the road. There could be debris on the road, puddles, and potholes, and all of these pose a potential accident threat. Also, look out for dogs that may be playing close by. It’s always best to ride in groups- a group of children riding together is much harder to miss.

If your child was injured in a bicycle accident, contact a California bicycle accident lawyer.

Bicyclist Detection Technology Set to Take off

A number of automakers, including Volvo, are experimenting with technology that would help reduce the risk of bicycle accidents. These vehicles would be equipped with technology that would recognize the back of another vehicle, including a bicycle.

Between 2008 and 2012, there were more than 3,300 bicycle accident fatalities in the United States. Approximately 74% of those fatalities involved the bicycle being struck from behind by another vehicle. In the most common scenario accounting for approximately 23% of the accidents, the vehicle was traveling in the same direction as the bicycle, and struck the bicycle from behind.

The second most common bicycle accident scenario that resulted in fatalities was a bicyclist crossing in front of the vehicle. This situation accounted for the second highest number of fatalities during this period of time, comprising 22% of all deaths.

Volvo has introduced technology that can help reduce the risk of bicycle accidents by helping motorists detect bicyclists in their path. That would greatly help reduce the number of bicyclists killed when they are hit by a car from behind.

It is becoming clear to California bicycle accident lawyers that maximum progress in keeping bicyclists safer in the future will be linked to more sensitive auto technology. Currently, most of the efforts to help prevent bicyclist accidents focus on infrastructure development, and motorist education. While those are two very important components of bicycle safety, the fact is also that most bicycle accidents involve another vehicle. If more vehicles come with technology that can help detect bicyclists in the path of the vehicle, it would go a long way in helping reduce these fatalities.

There is only so much that well-designed bicycle lanes can do to help keep bicyclists safer. The fact is that many motorists fail to look out for bicyclists in their path, and technology can help them do that. If you were injured in a bicycle accident, contact Gary Brustin today.