Bicycles are a great way to get some exercise, have fun, enjoy the weather, and get around affordably. However, it is important to ride safely. Here are some tips for safer cycling.

Make Sure It Fits

Get a bicycle that actually fits you. The saddle should be not too high as that your feet can not pedal properly and not too low, which will hinder your pedaling. It should also be the perfect distance away from the handlebars so that you can control your bike properly. The handlebars also have to be the right height.

Ditch Those Headphones

Listening to music is relaxing, and listening to podcasts is informational, but they should not be done while riding your bike. You need to be able to hear sounds from vehicles, pedestrians, and other cyclists.

No Phone Either

Don’t text and drive your bike. Don’t even take it out for a peek. If it’s an emergency, pull over to a safe place before taking it out. It is a good idea to put your phone on silent so that it doesn’t distract you when it rings or vibrates.

Use Both Hands For Safer Cycling

Always use both hands when riding your bike. This will help you steer better. In addition, it will help you avoid jerky turns, especially when unexpected obstacles appear. It will make braking easier as well.

Don’t Be Unpredictable

Always ride in a predictable manner. Don’t swerve suddenly out of the path you were going. Cars that are driving behind you may not be able to turn so quickly. That’s why you need to be on the lookout for potential obstacles so that they don’t surprise you.

Wear a Cap

If you are going to be riding directly in the sunlight, a cap may help improve your vision. A glaring sun can make it harder to see what is in front of you.

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