AB1266: There’s a New State Law Affecting Your Riding at an Intersection

There’s a new law in California which can change the way you legally ride through an intersection.

Assembly Bill No. 1266, Section 22101 of the vehicle code now states….

“[e] [1] A person operating a bicycle may travel straight through a right or left hand turn-only lane when an official traffic control device indicates that the movement is permitted.

[2] The Department of transportation shall develop standards for lane striping, pavement markings, and appropriate regulatory signs to implement this subdivision.”

This new law allows a bicyclist to ride in a right or left turn-only lane but then proceed to travel straight through the intersection BUT ONLY WHERE THERE ARE SIGNS POSTED WHICH ALLOW THIS MOVEMENT.

Historically, like cars, cyclists are prohibited from going through an intersection from the right turn-only lane. Cyclists traveling in a bicycle lane that disappears, converting into a right turn lane before an intersection, must merge left into the go-straight lane, proceed through the intersection and then, if the bicycle lane resumes after the intersection, merge right back into the bicycle lane.

This new law changes that but remember there MUST be clear signage and pavement markings which allow you to travel straight through the intersection from a left or right turn-only lane.

Please consult your local city, county or state Traffic Planning Department to determine when these signs and markings will be placed at your local intersections.

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