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Bicycles Recalled Due to Fall Hazard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of several models of bicycles because of a defect that could cause the bicyclist to fall off from the bicycle.

The bicycles are included in this recall are the 2012 Source Eleven and Source Expert Disc bicycles, that come with Supernova Switchable Dynamo Front Hubs. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the company, the defect is linked to a risk that the set screws in the front half of these bicycles can become loose. In such cases, the front wheel may stop turning and if this happens when the bicycle is in operation, then the bicyclist may be at serious risk of suffering a fall.

The company Specialised Bicycle Components Inc, has set up a toll-free number at 877-808-8154. Owners of these recalled bicycles have been asked to immediately stop riding them, and take them to an authorized Specialised dealer. The dealer will give a free replacement front wheel and new front hub. Thus far, there have been no accidents or injuries reported with these defective bicycles. However, California bicycle accident lawyers believe that the kind of injuries that are associated with this defect can be very serious. If a person is thrown off his bicycle when the front wheel stops turning while the bicycle is in operation, there may be a risk of serious injuries.

One of the things that bicyclists very often fail to do is to track federal safety agencies for recall involving bicycles. It’s important to be aware when there is new information being released about potential defects with your bicycle to stay safe. Most bicycle- related recalls are announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and you can sign up for alerts on the CPSC website.

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