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Bicyclist Killed During Tour de Palm Springs

The Mercury News reported on February 13 that a 49-year-old man was killed while participating in the Tour de Palm Springs charity bicycle ride on February 10. According to the Associated Press, the 21-year-old driver faces vehicular manslaughter charges but was released after posting $75,000 bail.

The News reported that a 50-year-old woman was also seriously injured in the crash, but the newspaper could not confirm the claims of an Orange County bicycling advocate that a third cyclist also suffered serious injuries. According to the News, the driver was reportedly traveling 100 mph in a 55 mph zone when he lost control of his 2006 Ford Five Hundred.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported on February 12 that the 21-year-old offender was driving on a suspended license. California Department of Motor Vehicles records showed the driver’s license had been suspended since December 4 for being a negligent vehicle operator as well as failures to appear, according to the Press-Enterprise.

Tour de Palm Springs is a charity bike ride of various lengths in the Coachella Valley. According to the AP, the 49-year-old man killed in the February 10 crash was participating in the 100-mile ride event.

It is an unfortunate truth that many bicycle accidents in California are the result of some kind of motorist negligence. Even though drivers are expected to share the road with bikes and respect their presence, inattentive or simply impatient drivers frequently cause devastating accidents.

Bicyclists are not afforded the same level of protection inherent to automobiles, so the nature of the injuries they suffer is often quite severe. Depending on the number of vehicles involved, how far a bicyclist is thrown from his or her bike, and whether a cyclist strikes any other objects, people may sustain traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries, or possibly fatal injuries.

Even when they are fortunate enough to survive these crashes, it can take several months or years—possibly even a lifetime—to recover from bicycle accident injuries. In some cases, victims not only may be unable to maintain any regular employment, but they can also require very costly full-time assistance with a variety of everyday tasks.

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