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Bicyclists and Road Rash Injuries

Some of the nastiest injuries that a bicyclist may suffer involve road rash. These are lacerations, cuts, and wounds that are sustained when the bicyclist falls on the ground, and is dragged along the ground for several feet. When the skin comes into contact with the surface of the road, sensitive skin can be scraped away, leaving wounds that pose a serious threat of infection and other complications.

In order to prevent road rash, dress appropriately. Unfortunately, cycling shorts can increase the risk of suffering road rash when you are unlucky enough to fall off your bicycle. Persons who are wearing full sleeved-clothing are at a lower risk for road rash injuries. Prevent such injuries by wearing a long sleeved undershirt to protect your hands, elbows and forearms from road rash.

Take care of your injuries. Don’t simply apply an antiseptic ointment, and leave it at that. During a typical accident, when a person suffers lacerations or open wounds on the skin, dirt from the road and debris enter the wound. This is a serious infection hazard. Don’t ignore those hazards. Use a tweezer to remove pieces of debris, or dirt, or pieces of small stone and mud that have entered the wound. Wash the wound using sterile water. Use a antibiotic cream liberally on the affected area, and bandage the area. The area must heal naturally, and quickly. Consult a doctor and follow his advice. The key to preventing infections is to keep the area as clean as possible. Persons wearing full sleeved-clothing are at a lower risk for road rash injuries.

Don’t ignore road rash. These injuries may not heal without leaving some amount of scarring. If your road rash has involved your face, there may be facial scarring and disfigurement. Call a bicycle accident lawyer, if you have suffered facial scarring as a result of a bicycle accident.

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