Can Owning an E-Bike be Life-Changing for Older Cyclists?

Unfortunately, while the thrill of cycling may never wane, our ability to ride effectively is nowhere near as eternal. As we age, it becomes more challenging to keep pace and ride without risking injury.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem: The E-Bike.

The Benefits of an Electric Ride

In a recent New York Times column, opinion writer Jennifer Finley Boylan tells an interesting story about cycling her normal route around a local pond, and then accidentally merging into Trek Across Maine, a multi-day cycling event that invites cyclists to ride from Brunswick, Maine to Waterville, Maine and back again. The event draws thousands of cyclists and benefits the American Lung Association.

As Finney Boylan tells the tale, she merged into the pack, feeling great about being surrounded by so many dedicated cyclists. Yet she also felt awkward; not because she wasn’t officially in the trek, but because she was quickly moving past everyone. As cyclists around her pumped away in low gear, she was gliding along effortlessly.

The reason? She wasn’t pedaling on her own, but using an electric bike.

“E-Bikes,” as they are commonly called, have suddenly spiked in popularity in the U.S. Long popular in Europe and China, the battery-powered bikes provide a significant boost for cyclists. While you still have to pedal, the battery effectively doubles the amount of power your legs send to the wheels.

This form of cycling assistance has massive ramifications for older cyclists, many of whom struggle on uphill roads or more rugged terrain. By providing a pedal boost, E-Bikes can help older cyclists stay healthier longer by keeping them on the road. E-Bikes can also help younger people who suffer from medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from cycling without assistance.

This utility is one reason why E-Bike adoption is growing at a rapid clip. Year to year sales of E-Bikes are increasing at around 25-percent in the U.S., according to CNN. E-Bikes typically cost $1,000 to $5,000 and can travel up to 28 mph.

CNN also notes that many bike sharing companies are now shifting from conventional bikes to battery-powered models, allowing consumers who can’t afford their own E-Bike to take part in the experience.

Finding the Right Bicycling Accident Attorney

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