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What is the Most Effective Hi-Vis Wear for Cyclists?

For those who have to, or at least enjoy to cycle at night, then getting through traffic is not such a worry. Instead, your worry is about being seen by all the cars that come up behind you. However, many cyclists have a pretty complicated relationship with hi-res clothing. Not only is it terribly unfashionable, but sometimes it is uncomfortable.

However, while the safest option is to be clad head to toe with reflective clothing, this doesn’t need to be so. In fact, cyclists may instead choose to pick the most effective reflectors. While many think this is the reflective jacket, this actually isn’t the case. In actuality, the most effective reflective piece of clothing isn’t the jacket or the helmet, but the pants.

If you think about it, reflective pants being the most effective piece of reflective clothing makes sense. What you want in a piece of reflective clothing is for it to catch light and alert drivers behind you that you are on the road. While hi-res clothing on torsos or helmets will catch light, reflective pants will catch more. Furthermore, because your legs are constantly moving, it will create a flashing reflection that will attract the eye of the driver and encourage them to give you space.

While hi-res leggings are not often the most stylish in legwear, if you have to go out at night, you should consider them. Bicycling safety is crucial, and being seen at night is the most important safety feature. So which would you rather be, fashionable or safe?

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