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Extra Accessories That Increase Cycling Safety

Everyone knows that one of the key ways of staying safe when riding in traffic is to wear clothes that allow you to be seen. However, while lights and bright cloths will help cars see you, that is not the only way to stay safe on the road. While not mandatory, there are some extra accessories that will help you stay safe while cycling.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is important not only if there is strong winds and debris flying, but in sunlight too. When you are riding in high traffic, you can’t afford to be blinded by the sun for even a second. While clear glasses should be used at night or in low-light conditions, tinted glasses should be used during the day.


One of the less desirable aspects of riding a bicycle is that your tires can catch debris and fling it right into your face. While eye protection can help with this, putting fenders on your bicycle can dramatically reduce these incidents. Not only do they keep debris out of your eyes, but they keep off water and mud as well.

Bells and Horns

Bells and horns aren’t just for old school bicycles, they serve an important purpose. With pedestrians constantly looking at their phones, a little bell ringing is an easier way of letting them know you need to pass. When it comes to cars, you need a horn with a little more oomph behind it, but they make horns specifically for that purpose too. As bikes are so easy to miss, horns assure that you never are.

Unfortunately, even with these accessories, accidents happen, more to cyclists than we’d like. If you have been in a cycling accident, contact us today.

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