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Could Family-Friendly Bicycles Soon Be Here?

A bicycle show in a nation that is home to one of safest and most pleasurable environments for bicyclists recently provided exciting glimpses of what the future holds in terms of bicycling.

Several of the bicycles on exhibit at the Copenhagen Bike Show were family-friendly bicycles that allow people to carry passengers, groceries, their pet dog, and children. Some of the bicycles on display at the Show had sidecars, just like those that are currently available for motorcycles. In other cases, bicyclists had forward-facing seats between the handlebars that you could use as a stroller.

The Danish capital is home to hundreds of thousands of bicyclists. However, bicyclists in Copenhagen are becoming pickier about the types of vehicles that they want to use. They want more versatility, and they want their bicycles to perform many of the same functions that their cars do. In short, families want more from a bike. They want a bike to be easy to travel in, but also want to be able to carry groceries, and even the children home in it.

There was no doubt that some of the most popular exhibits at the show were bicycles that primarily targeted families with children. Some companies are actually introducing wine bottle holders, and grocery bags as special add-ons for bicycles. One bicycle comes with a sidecar, that can turn into a sled, if the bicyclist suddenly finds himself in the mood for some cross country skiing.

Considering that many of the bicycles that were on display at the Copenhagen Bike Show were designed by Dinesh designers, it is safe to assume that safety is a priority in many of these designs.

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