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Helmets Just Got Smarter

California bicycle accident lawyers like to keep abreast of the latest technology in bicycle helmet technology, because of the important role that these devices play in reducing the risk of a fatal accident. More advanced innovations are already being seen in the field of motorcycle helmet technology. One new motorcycle helmet prototype includes an HUD display screen, GPS functionality, and rearview camera system that allows the motorcyclist to have a clear view of exactly what is behind him.

The motorcycle helmet is called Scully AR-1, and is designed to provide rearview visibility, GPS functionality, and an HUD display screen that allows a motorcyclist to use GPS functions and other functions without having to remove his hand from the handlebar. According to the designers of the helmet, the rear camera system allows the rider to see whether he or she can change lanes with a single glance.

The helmet is designed to pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth. The helmet was introduced in late 2013, and the company is currently taking pre-orders. Once it hits stores, the price will probably be close to $1,500.

It is being billed as the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet that not only helps protect the motorist in the event of an accident, but also significantly helps reduce the risk of an accident in the first place. After all, head injuries are not the only injuries that motorcyclists suffer – they could be at a high risk of spinal cord injuries, fractures, broken bones and other injuries that a helmet cannot help prevent.

Bicycle helmets have gotten better at protecting bicyclists, but it would be great to see similar enhancements in bicycle technology, because of the high rates of head injuries involving bicyclists too.

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