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How Effective Are Bicycle Lights in the Daytime?

Bicycle Lights in the Daytime

Bicycle Saftey

A cyclist concerned about safety wouldn’t dare go out after dark without their bicycle lights on, but there is still much debate on the use of lights during the daytime. On one side, there are those that say that bicycle lights during the day are a waste. The light, for the most part, is lost to the ambient light of daytime. Alternatively, there are those that insist that the use of blinking red lights during the day prevent accidents.

There are sparse studies on the subject matter. One study out of Denmark in 2013 states that of those cyclists that used lights during the day, they had 19% less accidents than those that did not use lights. Of course, there are also those that say that the results were contributed to by other outside factors, something that was very possible.

There is also the potential for distraction. Bicycle lights can be distracting and obnoxious to both drivers and other riders. Does being obnoxious make you safer or are distractions a recipe for disaster? For now, as there is no law in any state requiring bicycle lights during the day, it is up to the rider’s preference. If they believe that lights during the day make them safer and they can remember to change the batteries as frequently as needed, then light it up! However, for those riders that find them a nuisance, then there is no need to change.

Bicycle Accidents

Lights or not, bicycling accidents will still happen. If you are an injured cyclist, then you deserve compensation, especially if the accident was not your fault. With cycling accidents, you want both a lawyer skilled in personal injury cases, but as a cyclist, you probably want someone who understands your situation. Luckily for you, Gary Brustin is both. If you have been hurt as a cyclist, contact us today and let a fellow cyclist come to your aid.

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