Intrigued by E-Bikes? Here’s a Quick Primer

You’ve probably seen at least a few people zipping around town on an electronic bike. After all, sales of e-bikes are growing at a rate of almost 100% year over year, according to NPD Group, a market research firm. In some bicycle-mad countries, such as The Netherlands, e-bikes have already overtaken traditional bikes in sales.

So why are e-bikes gaining such traction? Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

The Basics About E-bikes

Electronic bikes are much like traditional bicycles, but they also feature a battery powered boost. A small motor helps assist with pedaling, giving riders a much-needed boost when they encounter inclines or other difficult terrain.

The overall experience is much like a conventional bike, but with an added zip of acceleration, allowing you to traverse challenging spaces with much less effort. Along with pedal assist features, some e-bikes have a throttle that allows for the motor to be turned on with a button push. These bikes are therefore less of a hybrid experience and offer more pure power.

No matter the setup, e-bikes aren’t designed for high-level speed. Most motors have governors that limited speed to 28 mph or lower. Cyclists can also choose how much of a power assist they want to access, with many e-bikes featuring multiple settings: turbo, economy, low etc.

One of the core benefits of purchasing an e-bike is the opportunity to get out on roads and trails more often. A survey of e-bike owners by an industry group showed that 91% of traditional cyclists who purchased an e-bike began riding daily or weekly, while only roughly half of this group were daily or weekly riders before the purchase.

Because e-bikes allow you to travel faster and with less exertion, it becomes possible to take longer trips, explore new areas and build endurance.

Finally, because e-bikes offer greater range and speed, they are a legitimate automobile replacement in a way that traditional pedal-powered bikes aren’t. Commuters, in particular, have been drawn to e-bikes, along with people who wish to avoid traffic and parking hassles or who wish to reduce their carbon footprint.

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