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New Bicycle Laws Give Cyclists Better Elevator Access

Three new bicycling laws were passed in New York last week that aimed at giving cycling commuters better access throughout the city’s many buildings. The three laws are aimed at the access of bicycles in office and residential buildings where they once may have been barred. Previously, business owners could bar bicycles being brought into elevators, but no more.

The Bicycle Access Law gives cyclists the right to bring their bikes into the office via the elevator, something that was passed after city cyclists complained of a lack of safe places to store their bicycles on the street. The second law allows both visitors and residents of residential apartment buildings to bring their bicycles up in passenger elevators, another situation that was left open to the whims of the building landlords. The third law allowed bicycles to use freight elevators in a building to bring their bicycle up if no better option is available.

These three laws were passed in a better effort to encourage commuter cycling. Previously, many would be cyclists passed cycling to work as they had nowhere to store it during the day. Now cyclists are allowed to bring their bike to work, further encouraging this body healthy and environmentally healthy way of getting around.

While elevator use is typically not as strict in smaller cities, these laws now set a good precedent for other metropolitan cities, and hopefully one they will take notice of. If you want to want to stay up-to-date of great new bicycling laws around the country, contact us today.

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