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New Bike Lock That Will Make Bike Thefts Vomit

Bicycle theft is common in many larger cities and often a crime that doesn’t get much attention from law enforcement. Typically bike thieves are successful and remain at large for long period of time. However, it seems like one bike lock company is giving cyclists a way to protect their property without standing guard at their bicycle.

The SkunkLock is a revolution in bike lock technology. Unlike other bike locks that choose to go bigger, thicker, and heavier, the SkunkLock took a different approach after watching a thief sawzall though a bike lock in broad daylight with people just watching him do it. Instead of trying to make their lock out of tougher material, they chose to make it… Stinkier.

If a thief tries to cut through a SkunkLock, it releases a compound they call Formula D1. This legally complaint pressurized gas causes shortness of breath, blurred vision, and can induce vomiting to those within the close range of a chemical. While what exactly is in the compound is a secret, they did give clues that it is similar to a capsaicin-based pepper spray, but one that does not spread in such a wide radius so as to irritate anyone that is passing by and not stealing a bicycle.

The idea behind the chemical release is to incite thieves to run away when exposed. Unfortunately, the SkunkLock may pose unexpected surprise to law enforcement that try to enforce bicycle parking laws. If they cut the lock on the bicycle than that may leave the cyclist victim to local booby trap laws aimed at protecting law enforcement officials.

Even if you don’t want to put yourself potentially at odds with local law enforcement over a SkunkLock, you shouldn’t let the world take advantage of you just because you are a cyclist. If you have been the victim of bicycle theft or an accident due to the negligence of others, you may have legal action available to you. Contact the Gary Brustin Law Offices today.

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