Over the years we have seen lighter frames, sturdier wheels, and a number of seat designs. However, throughout all that, the spokes of the average bicycle have pretty much stayed the same. However, one Minnesota-based bicycle company aims to change that with new bicycle spokes made of fabric.

While the spokes at Berd (think Bike + Nerd) are a little more complicated than fabric, the high molecular weight polyethylene spokes, dubbed PolyLight, are an innovation without a doubt. These newly designed spokes are not only stronger than their traditional steel counterparts but are only a fraction of the weight.

The PolyLight material is no stranger to use in sporting goods. Due to its lightweight, resistance to abrasion, impact, and UV damage, they have been used in everything from backpacks to sailboat rigging. Now they will replace steel in using tension to support the wheel instead of being weight supporting pillars like steel.

While these spokes will create an even lighter bicycle, something to marvel considering how light bikes get now, they do come at a price. Unfortunately, that price is, well, the actual price. Traditional steel spokes run at about $4 per spoke, but these new PolyLight spokes run at twice the price at $8 per spoke. This means if you wanted to run out and replace them right now, it will cost a fair bit. However, the benefit is because they support tension instead of weight, the PolyLight spokes will actually likely last you longer.

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