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3 Tips for Riding Your Bicycle Safely At Night

Planning on riding your bike at night? Bicycle night riding can be fun. It may be necessary if you use a bike as your primary source of transportation. However, there are more hazards at night. Here are some tips for riding your bicycle safely at night.

Ride In a Lit Area

Ride in a place where there is plenty of light whenever possible. If you know that there is a certain route that has more lighting, take it, even if it is slightly longer. More lighting will not only let you see your surroundings, obstacles, and pedestrians better, it will help drivers see you as well.

Stay Visible

Most bicycle accidents occur because the driver did not see the biker. The trick is to stay as visible as possible. At the very least, look into state and local laws about bicycle riding at night and comply with any rules regarding bike lights. However, it is always a good idea to do more. Use extra lights when necessary. Make sure that your bike has reflective areas, and that you are wearing reflective clothing as well.

Be Extra Vigilant

Because of the darkness, you have to be extra cautious when riding. First of all, this means to slow down. Do not ride as fast as you usually do during the daytime. You also have to be extremely alert so that you stay aware of your surroundings and are prepared for any sudden obstacles, pedestrians or motorists that appear in your path.

For more tips on riding your bicycle safely at night or if you ever get into a bike accident, contact us immediately for legal help.

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