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Spring Cleaning Your Bicycle

If winter turned up and you locked your bicycle away, the most you will have to do come spring is wipe away a bit of dust. However, if you continued to use your bicycle throughout the winter, it is likely that it could use a bath. Similar to how a car builds up salt and other grime, so, too, will your bicycle. Even just one ride through winter slush can build up quite a bit of grime. If you really want to keep your bicycle working right, then it should be cleaned after each ride. However, how does one clean a bicycle?

Bicycle Cleaning Tips

If you choose to use just warm water, you’re going to need more scrubbing than usual. It is perfectly safe to use a little detergent mixed in warm water to help get the tough grime off. To make things even easier, you can load it in a spray bottle. You may also want to remove the wheels to get into the small spaces where road dirt can accumulate. Be sure to pay attention to the inside of the fork and the rear triangle, as this is where a surprising amount of dirt tends to build up.

The final piece of spring bike maintenance should be to lube up your bike chain. It doesn’t matter whether you had to clean it or not, the chain is likely stripped of the oil that it needs to operate smoothly. As to what oil to use, it should be formulated for your bicycle, but there are a lot of varieties to choose from.

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