Should There Be a Bicycle Tax?

There’s a new slogan coming out of a few select lawmaker’s offices – “We share the road, we should share the costs.” This slogan speaks to what could be a growing trend of a “bicycle tax” that states that adults should pay a small tax on bicycle purchases that go to local governments to support transportation costs. As you would expect, opinions are highly mixed on the issue.

This new tax comes immediately from Oregon where they passed a law that states that adult bicycle purchases over $200 now have to pay an additional $15 to the state to support road costs. Now other towns in Colorado are looking at passing a similar law, and if it succeeds, it could be coming to your bike-friendly town next.

Naturally, bicycle riders and bicycle shop owners lean against the law since it would likely affect a person’s decision to purchase a bike. However, non-cyclists and lawmaker’s argue that it is only $15 and as car drivers, they have been paying such taxes for years. With many cities now putting in dedicated bicycle lanes for cyclists, many are calling for them to help pay for it.

Naturally, this will likely be the cause of much debate over the coming years. Cycling is a body and Earth-friendly way of getting around, and those who care for the environment want to encourage more people to make the switch. However, would a small tax discourage it?

Regardless of the cost of buying a bicycle, people will likely still do it, and this means accidents will still happen. If you have been the victim of bicycle discrimination or a serious accident, contact us today. The Law Office of Gary Brustin is dedicated to supporting the rights of cyclists.