CityConnect – The Augmented Reality App for Cyclists

There is no denying that cycling is a greener way to travel, but not everyone can keep an interest in it for a prolonged amount of time. Well, the creators of CityConnect at the University of Bradford mean to change that.

CityConnect is an augmented reality app that is created purely for cyclists in order to try to enhance the cycling experience by adding in elements of game playing. Naturally, one of the primary concerns is safety. The creators tried to combat this by making safety a key aspect. Players are rewarded for following traffic laws and acting responsibly while reckless cyclists have points taken away. However the app does also include points of interest on the ride which can be just as dangerous. Like texting and driving, cycling and trying to look at your phone can make you blind to the dangers in front of you.

However, this app still hasn’t entered its first stage of testing which is scheduled for a traffic-free cycling area. However, hopefully they can work out the kinks and potential hazards of cycling with an app on. However, even if they don’t, as long as cyclists use it in cycling-only areas, it could be an excellent excuse to go ahead and get out there.

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