Do You Have These Essential Cycling Safety Skills Mastered?


Often bicycling accidents are caused by motor vehicles who don’t really know how to share the road with a cyclist. Often motorists that have accidents with cyclists have never ridden a bicycle on a busy road and don’t know how to react or who has the right of way in many situations. However, it is not always the motorist’s fault, sometimes a cyclist can contribute to accidents by being more novice at road riding.

This is why before you head out onto the road, there are three cycling safety skills that you will want to make sure are on point by riding on less populated roadways. These cycling safety skills include:

Riding a Straight Line

We all know that sometimes it is fun weave a little bit while on a relaxing ride. However, when sharing a busy road with a number of cars, there is never a time for that. You want to make sure that when you ride on the road, you keep your bike straight so you don’t accidentally veer out of a bike lane or onto a curb. This is particularly important with starting off from a dead stop since swerving can be pretty accidental, but deadly, at these times.

Looking Back Without Swerving

It is a general rule that where your body goes, your bike goes. This means if you look back, your bike is likely to swerve with you. It is crucial to survey the road while driving, and this means checking your blind spots. You need to make the effort to train your body and hands to keep the bike steady when checking over your shoulder.

Controlling Speed

Many busy city roads feature downhills that would be really quite fun if there wasn’t a stop light at the bottom of them. When road riding, you need to be very aware of your speed and limit the increase of speed you get from downhills if there is a chance you need to stop at the bottom of them to adhere to traffic laws.

Have you been in a cycling accident? Whether it was the fault of another or you contributed to it, as a cyclist you may be entitled to compensation to cover your injuries. If you have been in an accident and need representation, contact us today.