What To Do When You Were in a Bicycle Accident With No Crash Report

In many cases, those in bicycle accidents suffer only relatively minor injuries, a broken hand here, a few scrapes there. However, there are occasions where a bicycle accident is significantly more serious. Accidents that result in loss of consciousness or have the need for an EMT response can be dangerous not only to the cyclist that was injured but for seeking coverage for the crash as well.

There is a cautionary tale going around the cycling community about a cyclist in New Orleans that was whisked away by EMTs after a crash for medical attention, and the driver that hit her told the responding officers that they would settle things amicably. The officer let that driver drive right off without making a crash report or even getting their name. This left the cyclist stuck with a ruined bicycle, huge medical bills, and no way to seek compensation for them.

If this happens to you, what do you do? Your options seem pretty non-existent, right? In truth, without a name or contact information that would be gathered by a crash report, they are. However, while you can’t go after the driver, you can go after the police who failed to do their duty.

Regardless of if parties decide to handle things amicably, police officers are required by law to file a crash report if the damage exceeds $500, this includes if you were spirited away by what will be a very expensive ambulance ride.

If you have been in a cycling accident with no crash report to be found, your case against the police will be much more difficult, but it can at least result in the coverage of your medical bills and damages that the driver owed you. If you need legal representation for this or any other bicycle accident cases, contact us today.