3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bicycle Helmet

Around three-quarters of all bicycle-related deaths are caused by head injuries, which is why it’s not just important to wear a helmet, it’s important to wear it correctly. Here are some helmet safety tips for a safe bicycle ride.

Keep It Fastened Securely

In the case of an accident, your helmet needs to stay on at all times. If it slips off easily and leaves even a small part of your head exposed, then it won’t be effective in the case of multiple head bumps (for example, a car bump and a road bump). Before riding out, make sure that your helmet is fastened strongly to your head and that it doesn’t move easily.

Make Sure Your Bicycle Helmet Meets Safety Standards

You want a helmet that does its job, not one that will impress your friends. Don’t choose a bicycle helmet that has all sorts of fancy stuff sticking out or one with too many holes. You want a smooth helmet with as much foam as possible to protect your head. You also need to make sure that your helmet meets the CPSC’s safety standards, so look for their sticker inside.

Keep It Comfortable

Make sure that your bicycle helmet lets your head cool off and provides a good air flow. It also needs to fit comfortably, not affect your eyesight and not cause any discomfort, which will affect your concentration. You might also want to consider getting a bright-colored helmet for additional visibility.

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