How the Coming Bicycle War in New York City Could Effect Bike Laws

When companies like Uber and Lyft shook up the car service market, people outside the industry really didn’t notice. However, a much more noticeable upheaval is about to come to biking in New York City. There are a number of companies getting ready to launch that would allow a bicycle sharing service throughout the city.

This bicycle sharing service would be a lot like the already existing Citi Bikes, but unlike that service, it wouldn’t require a docking station. The app would be able to lock and unlock bikes through the app, effectively making it so you could leave them anywhere.

With no city law that prevents these companies using public space, it seems like a good deal for would-be cyclists to travel cleaner. However, even before these companies launch, there is legislation in motion to try to shut them down. This includes new laws that would not only limit where these bikes could be housed, but hurt cyclists throughout the city. Another potential suggestion in New York Legislature was to give companies like Citi Bike a near $12 million dollar handout so they can expand further into New York City.

However, what these new potential laws and this handout would do is continue to let Citi Bike have a monopoly on the bike-share sector in New York City. This can effectively let them price whatever they want without worry of competition.

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