What to Do if the Driver That Hit You Doesn’t Have Insurance?

We don’t get to choose who we get into an accident with. If it were up to any cyclist, they would not get into an accident in the first place, but it happens. When it does, because of the very nature of both motor vehicles and bicycles, when they do get into an accident with each other, the damage to the cyclist and their bicycle is often extensive. Even minor accidents are likely to mean a very costly bicycle repair. Typically, when involved in an accident that is not our fault, cyclists rely on the driver’s insurance to cover the damages, but what if that driver has no insurance?

While there are less uninsured drivers on the road than ever thanks to the law that states drivers must have the minimum coverage, there is still a percentage that driver without insurance anyway. While you may think this makes you out of luck for coverage, if you also have auto insurance coverage yourself, you may still have options. The uninsured driver coverage in your policy will cover your damages if the other driver doesn’t have insurance. However, this is only true if the accident was the driver’s fault.

If you do not have auto insurance because you solely ride your bicycle, if the driver does not have insurance, you maintain the right to sue them from your damages. Often courts will lean much more in your favor and the driver will likely face additional punishment for not following the law.

While it is less likely you will get in an accident with an uninsured driver, there is still a large chance you will get into an accident. In this situation, you will want an advocate in your corner to make sure you get the compensation that you deserve. If you are a cyclist and have been in an accident, contact us today.