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The Latest Bicycle Safety Trends

Cycling is a great hobby and a wonderful form of transportation. If you ride on a regular basis, you get a large amount of exercise, and you are protecting the environment. While riding a bicycle is ideal for the environment and your body, it does present some unique risks. A cyclist can fall and harm themselves, and other vehicles present a major injury risk for cyclists. To stay safe, cyclists must keep up with the latest trends. Here are some popular safety trends.

1. Louder bike horns

Bike horns have always been around, but cities are too loud for traditional bike horns. Modern cities have lots of noise pollution, which drown out your bike horn. Bike horns need to be louder, and new bike horns are reaching higher noise levels. Loud Bicycle is a bike horn that can reach at least 112 decibels, warning people of an incoming bike. This bike horn might save you from a wreck one day.

2. Better lighting

Lighting related gear has dominated the bike safety gear market for years. Reflectors and helmet lights are meant to protect cyclists. Bicyclists need better lighting to avoid night time accidents. See.Sense has developed a bike light that adapts to the light around your bicycle. With this light, cyclists will always have the lighting they need.

3. Better protection

Collisions are always a possibility, so people need the best possible protection. The traditional bike helmet is outdated and offers minimal protection. Hovding is the next generation of the bike helmet. This new helmet goes around your neck. The helmet can detect a collision. Before the accident happens, the Hovding deploys and protects your head from any damage.

Staying safe while you are on a bicycle is critical. With these new safety trends, you will be safer. For more safety tips, contact us now.

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