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What to Do if You are in a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents can be extremely dangerous. If someone hits you while you are on your bike, it is important to hire an attorney — such as from the Law Office of Gary Brustin — to help you with your case. To help ensure that your case goes well, follow these steps after your bicycle accident.

Call the Police

First of all, you should call the police immediately. You will need to have a police report in-hand that documents the accident.

Get Witness Information

Did anyone see the accident? If so, you will need to gather witness information. Jot down the name and telephone number for any witnesses. Then, give this information to your attorney.

Take Pictures

If you are physically able to do so and have a camera or a smartphone, consider taking pictures of the accident scene. Snap photos of your bicycle, any visible injuries that you might have, the vehicle that you hit you and any skid marks on the road.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you do not feel injured, it is very important to seek medical attention after your accident. You might have injuries that you aren’t aware of yet, and getting treatment right away can help with your recovery. Plus, you will need documentation from a medical professional if you are planning on filing a lawsuit.

Taking the right steps after a bicycle accident can help you handle your case in the best way possible. Along with taking these steps, contact us at the Law Office of Gary Brustin if you need legal representation.

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