What You Need to Know About Cycling Safety During the COVID-19 Outbreak

If you’re a dedicated cyclist, you’re familiar with that certain itch you have to scratch if you haven’t been out on the roads or trails in awhile. For those who have been sequestered in their homes as a result of COVID-19, that itch should be pretty noticeable right now.

Yet, is it really possible to safely ride in the current environment?  Let’s take a closer look at this important issue.

Questions About Cycling Safely in a Pandemic

While major cycling events have been canceled or rescheduled, it is safe to enjoy a ride outside — but only under certain conditions.

A recent Bicycling.com article interviewed several well-known public health to help cyclists understand how to best protect themselves. Here’s their advice:

  • Travel solo. When people are in groups, respiratory droplets land on objects (or other people) when a sneeze or cough occurs. Early evidence indicates that COVID-19 can stay airborne for a significant period of time, which makes it essential to limit your exposure to others.
  • Ride less popular trails at less popular times. If you’re trying to avoid others, this is a logical step.
  • Wear a mask for added protection. We’re not talking about cycling with an N95 mask, of course. Wearing a Buff can still give you some additional protection, as the CDC has advised that even simple scarves or homemade face coverings can help mitigate viral transmission.

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