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You’re Never Too Old to Practice Bicycle Safety

According to this article in The Idaho Statesmanbicycle safety is no longer an issue solely reserved for the younger population. It states the mortality rate of adults ages 35 to 54 has tripled…yes, tripled…in the past 40 years, while the rates for children have declined dramatically. Some of this is due in part to an overall increase in bicycle popularity (especially in big cities), it is also caused by an almost general societal understanding that only children need reminders about staying safe while cycling.

The first and most important rule of the road for cyclists: wear a helmet! The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) says that no state currently requires adult riders to wear helmets, while 21 states and some US territories have enacted laws for cyclists below a certain age, often either 16 or 18.

Knowing hand signals and following traffic laws are also essential components of bicycle safety. Relying on your senses and the responsibility and responsiveness of drivers and other riders is not enough to keep you safe. Brush up on your state driving and cycling laws by visiting your local licensing department.

Even the most prepared and aware cyclist can find themselves involved in an accident. Knowing what to do when that happens before it happens can help alleviate the stress of dealing with medical bills, insurance claims and all the other tasks required when an accident happens. We encourage you to contact us to answer any questions you have about bicycle accidents and what to do if you are involved in one.

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