Door Open (Doored) – Cyclist Slamming into Car’s Suddenly Opened Door

This occurs in one of two ways. The first typically occurs when a door is flung open on the driver’s side of a parked car. The second occasionally happens when a passenger suddenly opens a door on the right side of a car which is stopped in traffic. The cyclist usually hits the car door or window. Upon impact it is possible for the cyclist to fly over the top of the car door. The level of injury can vary depending on how the door was angled when the rider impacted the door. A door just opening presents a sharp corner that can do serious physical damage to a rider. The cyclist could experience injuries ranging from broken limbs to simple road rash.

Advice to Cyclists – Preventative, Defensive Cycling

While it may be possible in some cases for a cyclist to avoid running into a suddenly-opened vehicle door, the driver and passengers should be aware of cyclists and pedestrians before opening a car door. Cyclists should scan continually while riding. Be aware of cars that have just parked, people in parked vehicles and other clues which may signal that someone is about to exit their vehicle.

Gary Brustin, California Bicycle Accident Attorney

California-based cycling accident Attorney Gary Brustin frequently lectures to cycling groups on bicycle safety. He also publishes bike-safety awareness articles in highly respected publications such as the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Weekly. Mr. Brustin is a life-long active cyclist and he devotes his entire law practice to bike injury cases. He has personally handled more than 1,000 bicycle accident cases and has consulted on more than 5,000 others. Most importantly, he personally represents every client himself. In addition to his California cases, Mr. Brustin frequently handles cases in other states by associating with local counsel in those jurisdictions.

About 95% of Mr. Brustin’s cases are resolved – in the client’s favor – within 9 months of the cycling accident. In comparison, cases that go to trial often take three years or more.

Complimentary Consultation with Mr. Gary Brustin, California Bicycle Accident Attorney

Mr. Brustin offers a free telephone consultation to those who have been injured in a cycling accident. The consultation will help you understand more about the legal system as it relates to your case. You may discuss issues such as:

  • The case details
  • Bike laws
  • Case and legal procedure
  • Whether to settle out-of-court or go to trial
  • How the accident has affected your present and future earning potential
  • Whether your bike is insured

A common question is: “What will it cost to hire Mr. Brustin if he takes the case?” The answer is that Mr. Brustin receives a contingency fee, or a percentage of the amount of money recovered “if and when the case is resolved in your favor.” That contingency fee ranges from 33.33% to 40%. There might also be some costs and expenses that are usually advanced by the attorney and deducted from the final settlement. Mr. Brustin will always have a full and candid discussion with you regarding fees and costs. You may schedule the free phone consultation with Mr. Brustin by calling the toll free office number: 800.841.2453.

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