Driver Road Rage

What is road rage upon a cyclist? There are countless reports and numerous You Tube videos of motorist road rage assaults upon cyclists. At the most basic level, road rage upon a cyclist is any type of verbal or physical behavior that interferes with the cyclist’s ability to ride safely and/or interferes with his or her freedom of movement. A specific example is when a motorist or passenger in a car throws a bottle of water or a can of soda at a cyclist, attempting to harm the cyclist. Any type of road rage is unacceptable, illegal and extremely dangerous.

These types of injuries are especially dangerous for two reasons:

  • The “road-rager” may directly harm the cyclist
  • The harm may result in a more serious and complex injury from other cars

Advice to Cyclists – What to do in a Road Rage Attack

Copy the license plate of the vehicle if you can do so without getting injured. Cycle out of harm’s way and call the police immediately. If you were hurt, call an ambulance. Road rage is a criminal offense. Convicted offenders may face fines and incarceration.

Although the following information pertains more to vehicles than cyclists, this information is useful and relevant: According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, “Aggressive driving and road rage happens when crowded roads and impatience cause one driver to react angrily to another driver.” To avoid aggressive driving and road rage situations:

  • Do not cut off other drivers
  • Ride on the right side of roadway when traveling slower than the flow of traffic
  • Do not tailgate
  • Do not make gestures to other drivers
  • Do not argue with aggressive drivers
  • If you feel threatened, call 911 immediately

Prevent a potentially violent incident by:

  • Avoiding eye contact with an angry driver
  • Giving an angry driver plenty of space

Gary Brustin, California Cyclist Rights Attorney:

If you were injured in a road rage incident or any other cycling accident, it is essential for you to obtain aggressive and experienced legal representation from a California attorney who has in-depth knowledge of the relevant statutes and procedures that govern your case. Depending on the facts of the case you may be able to recover monetary damages for your injuries and other losses.

Gary Brustin has personally litigated or settled over 1,000 personal injury cycle cases. He has consulted on an additional 5,000 cases. Mr. Brustin’s entire law practice is devoted to protecting the rights of injured cyclists. Although he handles cases throughout the state of California, he also frequently litigates cases in other states by associating with local counsel. Other states include:

  • Texas
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  • Florida

In addition to Mr. Brustin’s law practice, he has been giving back to the community for decades by sponsoring various bicycle teams. Due to limited space only a few are mentioned:

  • League of American Bicyclists
  • Nicole Freedman, Women’s U.S. Olympic Cycling Team
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Of course, each case is different and each case stands on its own. During your free consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask Mr. Brustin questions about your case. If your case is accepted, Mr. Brustin will work on a contingency fee basis.

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