Dog versus Bike

Some dogs are attracted to moving bikes, shiny spokes, spinning wheels, tires and chains. The question is this: If a dog runs after you while you are riding your bike, what is the best way to handle it?

Advice to Cyclists

Don’t try to out run the dog. The best thing to do is to come to a stop. Diving into rock solid asphalt at high speed is extremely dangerous. It’s always better to get off your bike and avoid the fall. Of course you don’t want to harm the dog with defensive objects like pepper spray, but you also want to protect yourself. In a perfect world, the dog’s owner will show up and take the dog away. If the owner does not show up and you feel that you are in danger, you may want to place your bike between you and the dog. If the dog calms down and retreats, walk your bike slowly away. Carefully ride away once the dog is out of sight.

A dog owner is responsible for his dog’s conduct. There is no way to know how a dog will react to this situation. If you were attacked by a dog while riding on a public street, or if you were injured as a result of the dog’s behavior, the owner is responsible for the dog’s actions. Always report the incident to the police or the animal control department.

California Cycling Attorney Gary Brustin

If you were injured by a dog in a bicycle accident, hire an attorney who has an extremely successful track record in this area of personal injury law. Gary Brustin, who is licensed to practice law in the state of California, has personally handled more than 1,000 cycling accident cases.

Mr. Brustin has combined his two great passions, cycling and law, by devoting his entire practice to cycling cases. In addition to representing injured cyclists, Mr. Brustin regularly contributes his own time and resources by lecturing on bicycle safety and cycling law. Mr. Brustin is also a well-published author and his articles have appeared in prestigious publications, including:

  • New York Times
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Bicycling Magazine
  • Sacramento Bee
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Many others

Complimentary Consultation with California Bicycle Accident Attorney Gary Brustin

Despite the fact that an estimated 80% of all bike accidents can be avoided, approximately 100 bicycle deaths are reported annually in California. When a bicycle accident occurs, make sure your rights are protected and you receive adequate compensation for your injuries including medical costs, loss of earnings, loss of earning potential and other damages including your bike. It is important to consult with a lawyer who is thoroughly familiar with the laws that govern your case which include bicycle law, tort law, civil procedure and evidence.

Gary Brustin offers a complimentary phone consultation to any cyclist who was involved in a bike accident. You can expect to gain clarity and information during this phone consultation that will help you proceed in your case. Topics may cover:

  • Details of the case from the attorney’s viewpoint
  • The bike laws that apply to your case
  • Court and out-of-court procedure
  • Possible compensation amounts of your case
  • Your rights in the case
  • Whether to take the case to trial or settle out-of-court

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