Every cyclist knows that action needs to be taken to keep a bicycle working as it should. This seems important, especially if you bought into one of those very high-end bicycles that cost the same as a used car. However, some maintenance tasks are merely there to make the cyclist feel better and not so much helping the bicycle itself.

Cleaning Your Bike Frame

The only thing that cleaning your bike frame does is make the cyclist happy. Even carbon frames have a number of metal parts to them. These parts need lubricant and not water. Water on metal will cause rust to form eventually. This doesn’t mean you should never clean your bicycle, but cleaning it weekly is probably hurting it. Wiping your bike down is sufficient, with thorough cleanings and new lubricant every couple months.

Over Inflating Your Tires

Every bike tire has an appropriate amount of pressure written on the side wall. However, every cyclist has a different opinion on what pressure you should be using. In truth, the only important number is that side wall number because that is what is right for those specific tires. Doing anything over or under for specific performance is asking for an issue.

WD-40 on Your Bike

WD-40 is excellent for a lot of things. Squeaky bedroom door? WD-40 it. Stuck lock? WD-40. But using it on your bicycle? No, definitely not. If it was safe for your bicycle, WD-40 wouldn’t have released a line specifically made for bicycles. Always use the lubricant that is made for bicycles because not all lubricant is good for bicycles.

Proper maintenance goes a long way to helping make your bike safe to use on the road. However, if you have been in an accident, contact us today to see what the Law Office of Gary Brustin can do for you.