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Does Auto Insurance Cover Bicycle Damage?

While we have a whole checklist of things to check before riding, checking our insurance coverage probably isn’t one of them. In fact, most of us would probably rather read the dictionary than what our insurance covers. However, it isn’t until you get into a bicycle accident that you begin to wonder, does auto insurance cover bicycle damage?

The short and probably surprising answer is that yes, it does. This usually catches people off-guard since a bicycle doesn’t have a motor. However, when we buy automobile insurance, we are not only buying protection in case we harm others with our automobile, but also if other automobiles harm us. This doesn’t matter if you are in an automobile or on a bicycle, as long as the crash happened with at least one automobile it should be covered by insurance. In many cases, except for the event in which the driver actually drives off without exchanging information, the automobile driver’s insurance will pay for any damages to the bicycle. However, if they do drive off, your UM coverage (uninsured/underinsured coverage) will cover the damage as a sort of hit and run situation.

If you have been hurt in a bicycle accident, you may need more than auto insurance to cover all your damages. Not only might your bike be trashed, but you could be seriously injured as well. If this is the case, contact us today so the Law Office of Gary Brustin can help get you and cyclists like you the justice they deserve in a world still learning to share the road.

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