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Bicycle Accidents are Sometimes Caused by Dangerous Road Conditions

vehicles around you. But, unfortunately, it may seem that the favor is not returned, at least in the way of road maintenance. If you find yourself injured due to a crack in the road, you may find that the municipality tells you they’re not responsible for keeping the road safe for bicycles, only for automobiles.

Sometimes Accidents are Unavoidable

You’ve probably been riding around from time to time and encountered these dangerous cracks or breaks in the road. Sometimes, you’re able to navigate around them, but other times, you find yourself in a situation where hitting the crack is unavoidable, whether that be because of road conditions, road debris or traffic. When this happens, you may find yourself holding your breath and praying you survive this bicycle accident.

Serious Injury

Cracks in the road can cause serious injury to riders, and what makes matters worse is that these cracks seem to be present in the shoulder of the road, where bicyclists are expected to ride. Road maintenance crews are more interested in keeping the main part of the roadway safe for vehicles, but they tend to neglect the shoulder areas to keep things safe for bicyclists as well.

If you’re been injured due to dangerous road conditions, whether that condition was on the shoulder or in another area of the road, reach out to our experienced team.

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