The League of American Bicyclists released their annual report and we were not surprised to see California rank 3rd. Our state has come a long way since 2014 when it ranked 9th in bicycle friendliness. What makes a pedal friendly? Why attention to bicycle safety of course! And although our state’s bicycle safety record may not be perfect, people are continually looking for ways to improve.

Cities Get Serious

Let’s take San Francisco for instance. They started out the new year by placing Vision Zero front and center. It’s the city’s way to help protect cyclists from a myriad of accidents, including collisions with motor vehicles. And the City by the Bay isn’t the only one in our state taking bicycle safety seriously. If you check out this year’s report card, you’ll see that all over, people are working exceptionally hard to reduce the state’s fatality rate.

Laws Need to Catch Up

Of course, one bicycle accident is too many in our book. So at the Law Office of Gary Brustin, we believe that California’s bicycle safety measures could stand continued revision. Not surprisingly, two areas that we’re particularly interested in are legislation and enforcement. Currently, there are not enough laws in place to protect cyclists from motor vehicles, especially when it comes to distracted drivers.

Bicycle Safety Going Up in Smoke?

Ask anyone in the insurance industry or just take a look at the headlines and you’ll see that our state logs in far too many car accidents each year. And yes, many of them are eventually traced back to a lack of driver focus. Unfortunately, California law hasn’t kept up with the times. As such, it doesn’t specifically address all forms of distraction and this could become exceptionally problematic now that the Adult Use of Marijuana Act is in full effect.

To learn more about what California can do, moving forward, to improve bicycle safety as it relates to legislation and enforcement, please contact the Law Office of Gary Brustin today.