Bike Riding at Night: A Safety Guide

Riding a bicycle at night is often a wonderful experience, as you can see the world in a way that isn’t possible during daylight hours. It’s quiet, relaxing and you typically have fewer vehicles with which to share the road. Riding at night can often make a well-traveled route feel new again.

Yet it’s critically important to understand that riding at night can also be quite dangerous — if you don’t take appropriate safety precautions. To help ensure that your moonlight rambles stay safe, let’s review some smart cycling tips.

Night Cycling Safety Tips

  • Wear proper reflective clothing. This is imperative if you’re cycling at night, as motorists have a harder time seeing cyclists when it’s dark. Reflective safety gear makes you much more visible — and can help save your life.
  • Use powerful bike lights. A front white light can help illuminate curbs, bumps and other hazards that can cause serious crashes at night. A red light in the rear with a built-in reflector, meanwhile, can help other motorists and cyclists mark your presence. You can also buy lights specially designed for wheels and frames. In addition to making you more visible, they can illuminate your bike in eye-catching ways.
  • Additionally, you should install white reflectors on the sides of your bike and on the pedals.
  • Avoid unknown routes. Riding at night is challenging on well-known streets, trails and paths. A night ride into parts unknown is ever riskier. We encourage you to stick with what you know when venturing out late.

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