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Columbus, Ohio Adds New Downtown Bus Lanes, Confuses Rush Hour Drivers

To every day cyclists, their safety depends on the knowledge of cycling laws and being able to read the markings on the road. While many motorists still consider cycling to and from work something of a “fringe” movement, it is not. Cyclists have just as much right to the road as cars do, especially when there is marked bicycle lanes.

In Columbus, Ohio, the city took new strides to accommodate its growing community of cyclists by adding in bicycle lanes on its downtown 3rd and 4th streets, two streets that are crucial for ferrying traffic to the highway. While they hoped this would improve times for both bicyclists and motorists who previously had to leave room on the outside lanes for the cycling community, much to their own danger, it seems the transition is not going smoothly.

Columbus motorists are unfamiliar with the new markings which have caused traffic to pile up during rush hour. It has also resulted in cars dangerously darting across the bicycle lanes in order to get where they need to be. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the new bicycle lanes have faces scrutiny. During their construction, motorists and cyclists alike complained of their placement, stating it would be easier to just remove a lane for a dedicated bike trail.

While the lanes make it easier for novice cyclists to navigate downtown, they will still need to be on the lookout until motorists in Columbus can learn how to drive on roads with bicycle lanes. City officials have stated that motorists must remember that they can only cross road lines on the dashed side, and remembering that basic rule of the road will make this new transition safer for everyone.

Until motorists and cyclists learn to share the road together, it sounds like the people of Columbus may be at risk for a bicycling accident. Have you are a family member been a victim of a bicycling accident? Contact the bicycling law attorney Gary Brustin today for a free consultation to see if there is something the law can do for you.

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