Common Cycling Road Hazards

Few things are more enjoyable than an open road, beautiful countryside and a bicycle. Yet even the most relaxing ride can quickly turn ugly if you don’t remain cognizant of common road hazards.

In order to help keep you safe on your next ride, let’s take a look at some of the most common hazards you’re likely to encounter.

Wet Roads

Wet surfaces are one of the most common causes of serious cycling accidents. Not only does rain create a tricky road surface, it can mix with oil and other common road deposits to create and even slicker surface. Cyclists should exercise caution any time it begins to rain, and give motorists a wider berth than usual.

Loose or Excessive Gravel on Roads

Navigating through gravel can make you lose your balance or start sliding out of control. If you encounter a particularly nasty stretch of gravel, safety experts recommend that you power through it, rather than coasting. If you start to slide, ease up a bit but try to avoid sudden braking.


If you’ve ever accidentally ridden into a sizable pothole, you’re aware of the serious damage they can cause. Not only can they launch you from your bicycle, they can also cause severe damage to your wheels and frame. For smaller potholes, it’s possible to “hop” or “roll” over them.

Opened Car Doors

Drivers opening their doors without looking for oncoming cyclists is one of the most dangerous hazards on today’s roads. Thousands of cyclists are injured or killed each year as the result of door collisions, which can send them flying violently through the air or force them to drive into traffic.

Loose Animals

Watching an animal run alongside a cyclist may be cute, but it can also be deadly. Dogs and other animals can knock cyclists down, startle them and generally cause chaos. This is one reason why it’s essential to keep animals secured.

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