Cycling in the Silicon Valley Area — the Most Popular Rides

If You’re Looking for a Memorable Ride in the Silicon Valley Area, Here’s a Quick Guide

One of the greatest things about living in Northern California — and the Silicon Valley area in general — is the abundance of outstanding cycling routes. It’s no exaggeration to say that the area is something of a utopia for cyclists, thanks to beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery and plenty of challenging hills.

These elements are one reason why the Silicon Valley area has such a storied relationship with cycling. Professional cycling teams have been training in the valley for decades, including legendary Tour De France winner Greg LeMond, who began his professional career in Palo Alto.

To help you discover your own memorable ride, we’ve collected some of the top rated Silicon Valley bike rides, according to data from

  1. Gazos Creek, 16.8 miles, 857 feet elevation. According to Strava, Gazos Creek Loop is “a great choice for adventurous cyclists. This loop packs a whole lot of scenery and climbing into a relatively short ride. Gazos Creek itself is a steep and gravely fire road and bike handling skills are definitely required.”
  2. Mt. Hamilton, 107 miles, 9,649 feet elevation. Strava calls this ride “a fun challenge complete with hairpin turns, steep pitches, and a couple of short descents to break up the climb. Once the suffering is complete, cyclists will be rewarded with panoramic views of the entire Bay Area and beyond.”
  3. Santa Cruz Coastal Loop, 112 miles, 9,205 feet elevation. According to Strava, the Santa Cruz Loop “includes some favorite local climbs, including Old La Honda, Haskins, Gazos Creek, and Mountain Charlie. Head west along the coast, south along Highway 1 to Santa Cruz, and then north again through the mountains. This is a big day in the saddle so make sure you’re prepared before heading out on this heroic ride. Luckily, this loop has a number of good places to stop for an espresso or bite to eat along the way.”
  4. Saratgoa XC, 26.6 miles, 3,923 feet elevation. Strava says this route “mixes pavement and dirt, is best tackled on a cross bike. Climbing from the Steven’s Canyon Trail to the Indian Creek Trail is quite challenging and riders should be prepared for some steep gradients, particularly on Indian Creek. From there, it’s a beautiful and fun descent down Montebello Road, where riders will enjoy expansive views of hills and vineyards.”
  5. Kennedy + Hicks, 26.5 miles, 2,519 feet elevation. This ride, according to Strava, “is easily accessible from downtown and proves to be quite a challenge. Bring your climbing legs along for this ride, which tackles Kennedy Road and the infamous Hicks Road (which is well over 15% in some sections). The pain is followed by a picturesque descent alongside the Almaden Quicksilver County Park.”

Whichever ride you choose, we hope your experience is a great one.

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