Houston, we have a problem. Over the past four years, the city of a Houston alone has had 1,700 cycling accidents where cyclists were struck on the road. However, in only a quarter of those cases did the driver responsible stick around on the scene. This is a problem that every city in the United States has in some way. However, a Houston group is looking to bring attention to the deadly situation that cyclists face.

Houston’s Ghost Bikes

Ghost bikes are representative of accidents involving invisible cyclists, or those that need to travel in early morning or late at night with poor visibility conditions and end up at high-risk of accidents. A local Houston group, an offspring from a Ghost Bike group that started in St. Louis, places visible reminders of these accidents. Instead of a plaque at the scene of the crime, they wanted a more visible reminder of those that suffered from not being visible. So now they place bikes painted white chained to the area to represent fatal bike accidents.

Bicycle Accidents

The group hopes that the local government will take notice too. So many fatal cycling accidents get off with minimal punishments or none at all if the driver simply drives away before they are identified, something that is very common in Houston cycling accidents. With so many cycling accidents happening each year, eventually, someone is going to take notice of a city that has become a white bike ghost town.

While groups like Ghost Bike are helping to draw attention to cycling accidents, nothing gets more attention than legal action. If you have been in a cycling accident, you deserve to see justice served. Contact us today to see how the Law Office of Gary Brustin can help you. As a cyclist himself, he understands the dangers you are in each time you get on the road.