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How To Get Your Child To Wear Their Helmet

Every cyclist, particularly those who have been in an accident, knows the importance of a helmet. Helmets can reduce the chance of severe head injuries by 88 percent. Unfortunately, helmets aren’t “cool” and up to 50 percent of child cyclists forgo wearing them while on their bikes. So how can you get them to protect their heads?

Start Early

If your child isn’t already cycling the neighborhood, introduce the helmet early, as in the very first day of teaching them to ride a bike. Be sure to stress how important it is to wear a helmet each time they ride a bike.

Wear a Helmet Yourself

If you aren’t wearing one, why should they? It is as simple as that. Children need their parents to lead by example.

Reach Out to Non-Helmet Parents

One of the easiest ways to get a child to do something, is to get their friends to do it. If your child refuses to wear their helmet because the other kids don’t have to, talk to those other kids parents and ask if they could persuade their children to wear a helmet as well.

Stress Why You Need to Wear a Helmet

There are a hundred little tricks to help your child take to wearing a helmet while cycling, but let’s not forget that children are people too. Be real with them for a moment and let them know why they need to be wearing a helmet. Tell them you want to make sure their heads are protected and that you care about their safety. It is cheesy, but surprisingly effective.

Getting a child to wear a helmet is difficult, but it will protect them in case of accident. If you have been in a cycling accident, or worse, your child already has, contact us today to see if you have legal action available to you.

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