Riding a bicycle can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get exercise.  When riding a bike, it is important that you follow the proper precautions to ensure you remain safe.  There are several bike safety tips that should be followed to ensure you remain safe while on the road.

Go with Traffic

One of the main tips that you need to follow when riding your bike is to go with the traffic patterns as much as possible.  When you are riding your bike, you need to ride on the same side of the road as traffic.  You also need to properly follow all street lights, signs, and other local regulations.  Furthermore, you should avoid crossing streets when it is not allowed and weaving between traffic.


When you are riding your bike, you also need to make sure that you stay as alert as possible. While you may want to listen to music or zone out when on your bike, you need to continue to stay focused whenever you are biking. This will allow you to recognize a potential hazard and avoid an accident.

Stay Visible

When on your bike, you also need to try and make yourself as visible as possible.  Some great ways to do this is to stay in designated biking areas, avoid being hidden behind trucks and big cars, and making the appropriate hand signals and gestures when necessary.  You could also try and make eye contact with nearby drivers to ensure that they are aware of your presence.  When biking at night, you should make sure your bike as proper lights and reflectors and that you are wearing brighter clothes.

While you can be as safe as possible when riding a bicycle, you still may find yourself in an accident at some point.  If you are involved in an accident while riding your bike, you should contact us immediately. We can help to ensure your rights are properly represented.