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Lights Also Important in Daytime to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

As a cyclist, it’s easy to overlook the significance of being highly visible in daylight. However, that’s when most fatal bicycle accidents occur, according to the National Traffic Highway Administration, so daytime bicycle lights are an important safety feature. In fact, one group, Cycling PEI of Prince Edward Island, is pushing to make daytime running lights for cyclists mandatory, according to CBC News.

Cyclists who use busy streets, especially highways, are often at risk of being struck from behind, whether in a traffic lane or shoulder. In an era when motorists are constantly distracted by their mobile devices, cyclists need to create bigger distractions. Bright, erratically flashing lights help achieve that goal. Some daytime bicycle lights recently on the market are visible from more than a mile away, comparable with flashing lights on emergency vehicles.

Many bicycle shops carry a variety of head and tail lights that range in price and quality. The brightness, or lumens, will vary, of course. The cheapest options are often lights that are barely visible in dark conditions — often referred to as “be seen” lights — so it’s critical to select bright, quality lights specifically designed for daytime visibility.

Today, many USB-rechargeable head and tail lights provide excellent daytime visibility. Some offer hours of powerful illumination, different flashing and steady modes and are visible from more than a mile away in daylight. What’s more: Most of these lights don’t take long to recharge, roughly an hour. Of course, any of these daytime lights are a great option for nighttime riding, as well. Going a step further, some tail lights double as HD cameras. During an accident these devices record the last few seconds of a cyclist’s crash, which can help when disputing a claim or solving a hit and run.

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