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Los Angeles Bicycle Safety Campaign Kicks off

Metro is kicking off a special bicycle safety campaign in time for the peak bicycling season in Los Angeles. Metro recently launched the campaign called Every Lane Is a Bicycle Lane to increase awareness about the need for bicycle safety in Los Angeles County.

The campaign will include public awareness messages that will be posted on the back of at least 75 Metro buses. As many as 135 billboards will also carry the special bicycle safety message, and 21 local radio stations are expected to blast out the message to motorists every day.

The point of the campaign is to educate motorists that bicyclists have equal rights under the California law, and that they must watch out for bicyclists every day. One of the most frequent excuses that California bicycle accident lawyers find after an accident involving a bicycle and a motorist is that the driver did not see the bicyclist.

Bicyclists are protected under California law, and both bicyclists and motorists need to be educated about the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists. Unfortunately, many motorists and bicyclists remain unaware of the state codes, and educating both motorists as well as bicyclists has been a serious challenge. That is the main point of the Metro campaign – to make bicyclists aware of their rights as well as their responsibilities under the law.

It’s very encouraging for California bicycle accident lawyers to see Metro get involved with bicycle safety. For too long, issues related to bicycle safety have been left to bicycle safety groups to handle on their own. The “bicycle safety” message becomes a lot more potent when public transportation agencies get involved in spreading th

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