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More Than 12,000 Bicycles Recalled Due to fall Risks

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a number of bicycle-related recalls recently. California bicycle accident lawyers recommend that bicyclists keep themselves updated on the latest recalls of bicycles and bicycle components announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in order to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident.

In the latest recall, as many as 12,200 bicycles are being recalled, because of the potential defect that can cause the steerer tube in the front fork to break. This can pose a potential fall accident hazard to the bicyclist.

The bicycles were imported into the United States by Specialized Bicycle Components Inc., a company that is based in Morgan Hill, California. The bicycles were manufactured in Taiwan. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, these bicycles have been involved in at least 2 accidents. In at least one of these incidents, the bicyclist fell off the bicycle, suffering facial injuries, and lacerations.

The bicycles included in the recall are the 2012 and 2013 model bicycles and frame sets which come in a number of colors. The bicycles were sold at Specialized retailers.

If you own any of the bicycles that are included in this recall, the Consumer Product Safety Commission advises you to stop using the bicycles immediately. There is a serious risk of a fall accident that could even result in serious injuries.
Take the bicycle to a local Specialized Bicycle Components dealer for an inspection of the bicycle. The dealer will conduct a free repair of the bicycle.

Every year, the federal agency recalls thousands of bicycles for defective brakes, tires, gear shifts and pedals. Defects in any of these components can seriously increase a bicyclist’s injury risk.

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